Rafting in the Pyrenees

Are you thinkinf of coming to the Pyrenees this season?

We will give couple of good reasons and some ideas of what you can do to enjoy your time here! We know the mountains and the rivers better than anyone, explain us what are you looking for and for sure we will find you your perfect adventure!

What to do in the Pyrenees - rafting at noguera pallaresa river

Rafting is a very good option for a first contact with adventure activities on the river. It is perfect for families and groups of friends as the guide accompanies the group in the boat and directs and indicates what to do at all the time. It is a team sport in which coordination and communication are very important, so choose well with whom you want to share it! 

The Noguera Pallaresa, which is the river that runs through the whole area, has different navigable stretches, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities that can be adapted to the needs of each client. 

What if I've tried rafting before? Don't worry, you can try a different part of the river and besides, the dose of improvisation and the personal touch of each of our guides make each descent different and unique.

Do you want more rapids and adrenaline? Or do you prefer to do the activity with the little ones and enjoy incredible views? If you want to go rafting in the Pyrenees this season and you don't know exactly which route you should do, contact us and we'll help you!

Also, you can always take a look at the options below to give you ideas! 😄


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