Rafting in Sort

Looking for going rafting in Sort?
Would you like to explore the world capital of whitewater kayaking and navigate the waterways of river Noguera Pallaresa?
Come with us!

Sort is the world capital of whitewater kayaking. Its location near the river  Noguera Pallaresa and the fact of being the capital of Pallars Sobirà fosters the organisation of international competitions regarding the different kayaking disciplines every year, as well as being an important tourist spot in the region.

The Noguera Pallaresa river is one of the best rivers in Europe for white water sports and especially for rafting descents. Along its 60 km of waterways, we find sections of varying difficulty, making it suitable for all types of public, either for kayaking experts or families who try water sports for the first time. 

In this way, the Noguera Pallaresa does not disappoint those who are looking for strong emotions and adrenaline, nor those who prefer a quieter descent to enjoy the variety of landscapes that the river offers us.

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