Canyoning. Introductory level

  Duration: 2h 30m

  Canyoning, Catalan Pyrenees, Adventure, Lleida, Catalonia

  Location Lleida, Sort, Catalan Pyrenees, Pallars Sobirà

From 8 years old

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Canyoning. Introductory level

Enjoy the emotion of experiencing for the first time this type of activity with basic training and practice, which will help you in further occasions to access more difficult descents.

The meeting location is in our base in Sort at 9:30am. From there, you will follow the guide's vehicle with your car to the canyon location (about 25 minutes from Sort). From the place we will leave the car parked till the entrance of the canyon, there is a 40 minutes walk (uphill) that we will do calmly. Before entering the canyon, we will equip ourselves with all the necessary material while we receive the essential safety talk, as well as the basic instructions that will allow us to move freely inside the canyon.

The descent will last approximately for about 2 hours, accompanied at all times by our guides. We offer the perfect canyons to start with, they have a 6-meter rappel, many easy jumps and slides which end at pools of clear water.

There are several beginner level canyons in the area. Depending on the water conditions of that day, the guide will decide which one will be the most suitable.

Guaranteed prices

If you have any doubts, send us an email to Dolça or Nara will solve them as soon as possible and will advise you on everything you need!

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Necessary material: wetsuit, booties, helmet and harness
Qualified professional guides
Accident and liability insurances.


WARNING: Transportation to the canyon is not included, you must reach it with your own vehicle. 

What to bring:

Swimsuit or bikini
Sports and closed footwear (sneakers or mountain boots), which will get wet during the activity.
Spare shoes
Lycra or thermal shirt (not essential)

What happens if it rains?

La Rafting Company will study the options and will contact you if any risk can be predicted. In that event, the activity will be canceled and we will either return the amout paid or change the date of the activity if possible.

Cold weather is not bad weather, we consider as risky situations just the adverse weather with heavy rains.

Who can do this activity?

Anyone over 8 years old, who is willing to enjoy a half-day activity and to have fun in the middle of nature!


Approach by car: 30 minutes
Approach on foot: 45 min
Total duration: 3h

Jumps are not mandatory!

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